Soundop Version History

09/15/21 Version

  • Supported append multiple audio files.
  • Supported Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom vertically in the waveform editor.
  • Improved mouse operations on the time ruler.
  • Improved operation of play selection commands when playing.
  • Added a tool button for zoom in at the edit cursor.
  • Changed some default keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed some bugs.

08/30/21 Version

  • Changed some default keyboard shortcuts..
  • Fixed some bugs.

08/16/21 Version

  • Added support for two external editors.
  • Added support for editing an audio file with an external editor and saving changes to history.
  • Added support for exporting and importing keyboard shortcuts.
  • Supported exporting keyboard shortcuts to an HTML file.
  • Supported zooming to a range by dragging the middle mouse button.
  • Supported adding markers for detected ranges in the Detector panel.
  • Add option to copy metadata when inserting audio file to a new mixspace.
  • Fixed some bugs.

08/07/21 Version

  • Fixed some bugs.

08/01/21 Version

  • Added support for editing cover art of FLAC and MP3 files.
  • Added an option for recording pre-roll in the mixspace.
  • Added an option for pre-roll when recording in the wave editor.
  • Fixed some bugs.

07/04/21 Version

  • Added support for scroll by holding the middle mouse button.
  • Supported insert mode when recording in the wave editor.
  • Supported pre-roll when recording in the wave editor.
  • Fixed some bugs.

06/20/21 Version

  • Fixed some bugs.

06/14/21 Version

  • Added support for video display.
  • Added audio device channel mapping.

03/28/21 Version

  • Added a tool in the Detector panel to remove silence.
  • Added a tool in the Detector panel to mark audio ranges.

01/24/21 Version

  • Improved compatibility with some VST plugins.

01/21/21 Version

  • Improved file name setting when exporting audio within range markers.
  • Fixed some bugs.

01/20/21 Version

  • Preference of waveform color in the audio file editor.
  • Copy and paste markers when copy and paste audio in the audio file editor.
  • More bit rate options for MP3 format.

01/17/21 Version

  • File name options when exporting audio within range markers.
  • Improved compatibility with some VST plugins.
  • Improved scanning VST plugins that will remove uninstalled effects.

01/10/21 Version

  • Added a command to add range markers sequentially.

01/09/21 Version

  • Loop count option for mix paste.
  • Overwrite and insert mode for mix paste.
  • Paste from file for mix paste.
  • Added a command to export audio within range markers.
  • Added option of collapse selection after insert paste for creating loops with paste.
  • Added an option to show the -6 dB guide in the waveform display.
  • Improved compatibility with some VST plugins.
  • Fixed some bugs.

12/20/20 Version

  • Esc key to close the window when applying effects.
  • Remember the window position when applying effects.
  • Allow key combination with F1 to use as keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed some bugs.

10/30/20 Version

  • Filter box in the VST plugin manager dialog.
  • Save the format setting when exporting audio files.
  • Fixed some bugs.

10/18/20 Version

  • Increased the precision of volume adjustment for some effects.
  • Improved compatibility when adjusting the size of some VST3 effect window.

10/14/20 Version

  • Added a new toolbar for processing tools.
  • Added an option to keep the effect window after apply.
  • Increased height of ruler control.

10/10/20 Version

  • Double-click to maximize and restore panels.
  • Improve compatibility with some VST plugins.

10/02/20 Version

  • Improvement to avoid crashing with some VST plugins.

09/30/20 Version

  • Filter in the Effects panel.
  • Filter in the keyboard shortcut dialog.
  • Blacklist when scanning VST plugins.
  • Shortcut menu in the Effects panel to apply effects to audio files.
  • Double-click in the Effects panel to apply effects to audio files.
  • Fixed some bugs.

09/12/20 Version

  • Added the Effects menu to apply a single effect to audio files.
  • Supported adding actions of applying a single effect.
  • Supported repeat audio processing command.
  • Add effects to a favorite folder.
  • Set the default state of effects.
  • Save the effect chain name in the FX rack.
  • Fixed some bugs.

08/10/20 Version

  • Added the true peak meter in the Loudness Meter panel.
  • Added loudness target presets in the Loudness Meter panel.
  • Added a toolbar to set options of scrolling when playback.
  • Added a command to save all documents.
  • Fixed some bugs.

07/31/20 Version

  • Added an option to change the contrast of the user interface.
  • Fixed some bugs.

07/05/20 Version

  • Improvement to avoid crashing when loading some VST3 plugins.

07/02/20 Version

  • Supported creating and editing sample loops.
  • Added equal power rate setting for crossfade of editing boundary and clips.
  • Supported frequency selection for batch processing.
  • Ctrl + Click to expand property pages.
  • Fixed some bugs.

04/12/20 Version

  • Improved loading some wave files.
  • Added notification when loading VST plugins failed.
  • Fixed some bugs.

03/25/20 Version

  • Edit clip source file in an external audio editor.
  • Fixed some bugs.

03/22/20 Version

  • Added an option to keep or remove unprocessed metadata in audio files.
  • Improve snap when dragging markers.
  • Fixed some bugs.

03/02/20 Version

  • Enable record loopback in WASAPI share mode.
  • Set selection in/out point to play cursor.
  • Play audio with pre-roll.
  • Add shortcut menu to set curve type of clip gain envelope.
  • Fixed some bugs.

02/22/20 Version

  • Improve compatibility with some VST plugins.

02/21/20 Version

  • Option to synchronize view and selection when editing clip source.
  • Show and snap to markers of audio files in the multitrack editor.
  • Option to show grid in the multitrack editor.
  • Option to show grid in the waveform editor.
  • Option to show selection grids in the audio file editor.
  • Set fade type of clips in the shortcut menu.
  • Add shortcuts to "open with" for audio and video files.
  • Fixed some bugs.

02/13/20 Version

  • Supported setting input and output channels of ASIO devices.
  • Supported setting sample rate of ASIO devices.
  • Fixed some bugs.

12/25/19 Version

  • Supported adding multiple clip lanes to track.
  • Create multiple takes in one clip when loop recording.
  • Improved copy, paste, and delete operation in mixspace.
  • Automatically add track when dragging clips.
  • Improved processing when cancel mouse dragging.
  • Show the time range of record in the ruler.
  • Fixed some bugs.

12/02/19 Version

  • Added Property panel for Audio File and Mixspace.
  • Set Time Display preference for Audio File and Mixspace.
  • Set Pan Law for Track and Clip panning.
  • Added Pan Law option for Volume and Pan Effect.
  • Fixed some bugs.

11/08/19 Version

  • Improved the graphics of mouse cursors.
  • Fixed some bugs.

09/08/19 Version

  • Improved the open and save audio file dialog.
  • Fixed some bugs.

08/24/19 Version

  • Export mixspace template and create mixspace from a template.
  • Freeze track and clips.
  • Bounce selected track, selected clips, time selection to a new track.
  • Mixdown entire mixspace, time selection, and selected clips to a new file.
  • New commands to export mixdown of entire mixspace, time selection, selected clips, and tracks.
  • Minimized mode of tracks.
  • Add multiple tracks with presets.
  • Delete empty tracks with options.
  • Merge selected markers.
  • Added a command to rename marker.
  • Convert marker between point marker and range marker.
  • Insert audio time defined by range marker to mixspace.
  • Select envelopes by double-clicking in the Select Envelopes dialog.
  • Switch to the previous file with Ctrl+Shift+Tab.
  • Improved the choose folder dialog.
  • Fixed some bugs.

07/22/19 Version

  • Added a command to merge clips.
  • Added options of automatically increment postfix of FX chain and effect preset name.
  • Fixed a bug of scanning VST3 plugins.

07/15/19 Version

  • Supported solo safe mode of track.
  • Supported locking clip in time.
  • Added clip state of stretch and pitch.
  • Supported save and load workspace layout.
  • Support adding multiple shortcut key for one command.
  • Supported exporting command list to clipboard.
  • Added commands to adjust time selection and edit-cursor.
  • Added commands for scroll and zoom operation.
  • Added commands to move selected track up and down.
  • Added a command to edit track color.
  • Added commands to select clips in a track.
  • Supported linking source file for a clip.
  • Added command to link all offline source files.
  • Add a command to silence clips in the time selection.
  • Add a command to trim clips.
  • Add a command to split all clips under edit-cursor.
  • Add commands to nudge clips.
  • Add a command to rename clip.
  • Add a command to rename clip group.
  • Add commands to delete markers.
  • Add a command to show source file of the selected clip in the Files panel.
  • Supported managing offline files in the Files panel.
  • Added a command to zoom in at edit-cursor.
  • Added commands to toggle track mute, solo, record and monitor.
  • Added commands to change options of playback.
  • Added a command to toggle enabled state of all channels.
  • Added a command to analyze frequency.
  • Added commands to insert audio files to mixspace and CD project.
  • Added commands to add files to CD project and batch processor.
  • Added commands to switch time display format.
  • Added commands to switch projects.
  • Added a command to maximize a panel group.
  • Added a command to show project file in Explorer.
  • Modified layout of the main menu.
  • Modified some default shortcut keys.
  • Fixed some bugs.

06/11/19 Version

  • Supported creating group for clips in mixspace.
  • Added a group panel to edit group and clip properties.
  • Fixed some bugs.

05/31/19 Version

  • Improved setting clip properties when multiple clips selected.
  • Fixed some bugs.

05/30/19 Version

  • Improved stretching clips when multiple clips selected.
  • Fixed some bugs.

05/23/19 Version

  • Improved trim-left and trim-right when multiple clips selected.
  • Fixed some bugs.

05/20/19 Version

  • Added a command to meter input signal in the audio file editor.
  • Fixed some bugs.

05/15/19 Version

  • Added an option to preload audio device for WASAPI audio driver.
  • Added notification for unmatched sample rate when play and record on WASAPI and ASIO devices.
  • Fixed some bugs.

05/01/19 Version

  • Added DirectSound and WASAPI audio driver.
  • Fixed some bugs.

04/15/19 Version

  • Increased length of the recent file list.
  • Fixed some bugs.

04/02/19 Version

  • Added support to import and export effect presets.
  • Added support to import and export FX chains.
  • Optimized listing of effect presets in effect window.
  • Added a command to close all effect windows.
  • Fixed some bugs.

03/17/19 Version

  • Added an option to keep the effects in FX rack after applying in the audio file editor.

03/17/19 Version

  • Added support to set playback latency of MME device.
  • Show sample rate and latency of ASIO device in the Preferences dialog.
  • Added support to set channel mode of tracks.
  • Added buttons to suspend and restore mute and solo.
  • New state of the mute button to show a track is muted by solo.
  • Added new controls to show/hide automation lanes for one track and globally.
  • Added project type to commands to create different shortcut key set for each project type.
  • Change shortcut keys for some commands.
  • Improved the performance of playback.
  • Optimized the process of loading peaks of audio files.
  • Improved follow solo with selected track.
  • Improve UI of volume fader and levels meter in the Mixer panel.
  • Improved layout of the Mixer panel.
  • Show the state of clips on the title bar of clips.
  • Modified layout of track controls.
  • Improved display of some controls on HDPI screen.
  • Fixed some bugs.

02/17/19 Version

  • Added commands to zoom selected track and automation lane.
  • Added volume and pan controls for clips.
  • Enabled applying zoom commands to Clip Automation panel when the panel is active.
  • Improved layout of controls in Clip Automation Panel.
  • Fixed a performance issue for built-in effects with feedback.
  • Fixed some bugs.

02/01/19 Version

  • Fixed a bug of volume value compatibility with mixspace files created by some old versions.

01/31/19 Version

  • Improved layout of track controls.
  • Improved selecting envelopes for an automation lane.
  • Fixed some bugs.

01/28/19 Version

  • Enabled select clips with Time Selection tool.
  • Fixed some bugs.

01/27/19 Version

  • Redesigned user interface with a dark theme.
  • Improved layout of Mixer panel.
  • Added color property to tracks.
  • Improved processing of feedback in Chorus effect.
  • Fixed some bugs.

01/07/19 Version

  • Removed the gap between track controls and timeline to make the multitrack editor more compact.
  • Adjusted the automatic horizontal scroll speed with the mouse position when dragging in editors.
  • Fixed some bugs.

01/03/19 Version

  • Improved adjusting fade-in and fade-out of multiple selected clips.
  • Improved operation of resizing panels and tracks.
  • Fixed some bugs of recording on tracks.

12/26/18 Version

  • Force active when applying Amplify, Fade In, Fade Out and Gain Envelope to an audio file.

12/25/18 Version

  • Added spline mode for automation envelope and gain envelope.
  • Improved processing of Volume and Pan.
  • Improved display of envelopes.
  • Fixed some bugs.

12/03/18 Version

  • Fixed a bug of Z-order of clips when loading mixspaces.

12/03/18 Version

  • Added options to snap to loops and zero crossings.
  • Added an option to snap envelope points or not.
  • Display guide when snapping border of clips.
  • Added support for multiple selections in Files panel.
  • Fixed some bugs of creating crossfades between clips.

11/26/18 Version

  • Scan VST plug-ins with standalone application to improve stability when scanning many of them.
  • Supported edit envelope point value precisely in a dialog.
  • Supported select a sequence of envelope points with Shift + Click for editing.
  • Improved phase data presentation in Phase Analysis panel.
  • Fixed a bug of reset loudness history in Loudness Meter panel.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

11/16/18 Version

  • Optimized performance when moving edit cursor on high definition display.
  • Modified positions of Mute and Solo in the signal workflow of tracks.
  • Fixed a bug of playback if start recording when playing in mixspace.
  • Fixed a bug of Gain Envelope in a looped clip when shifting audio.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

11/06/18 Version

  • Added options to work in single or multiple window mode.
  • Added Projects toolbar and Projects panel to manage projects.
  • Added menu items to the Editor panel menu to manage projects.
  • Supported select multiple files in the Browser panel.
  • Added an option to run processor on audio file with current selection or action selection.
  • Ctrl + Tab to switch projects, Shift + Tab to change active window.
  • Shift + Click on ruler and drag to move selection.
  • Triple-click to select all in the waveform editor.
  • Ctrl + Click and drag on rulers to zoom to a range.
  • Added a toolbar button to synchronize view and selection across audio files.
  • Modified the organization of preference dialog.
  • Fixed some bugs.

10/19/18 Version

  • Added support for burning audio CD.
  • Added support for batch processing audio files.
  • Added splash window when startup.
  • Added a command to synchronize view and selection across audio files.
  • Added a command to maximize all windows (especially useful for dual monitor).
  • Fixed some bugs.

06/27/18 Version

  • Fixed a bug of generating speech on Window XP.

06/26/18 Version

  • Added generating speech audio from text.
  • Added an option to replace or mix with existing audio when generating sound.

06/12/18 Version

  • Fixed a bug of restoring window position when startup.

06/06/18 Version

  • Added gain envelope to adjust clip volume.
  • Change waveform in clips accordingly when adjusting gain, gain envelope and fade of clips.
  • Added a menu command to play only selected frequencies.
  • Fixed some bugs.

05/21/18 Version

  • Fixed a latency compensation error when using effects with latency in container effects.

05/19/18 Version

  • Improved Compressor effect along with side-chain support and graphics.
  • Improved Limiter effect along with side-chain support and graphics.
  • Added Save As and Save to New Folder command for mixing project.
  • Fixed some bugs.

04/28/18 Version

  • Fixed a bug when loading wave files with an ACID chunk.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue when window size changed in some VST plugins.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

04/25/18 Version

  • Added solo button for Mid-Side Splitter.
  • Changed Link Channels parameter in Compressor and Limiter to a ratio.
  • Fixed some bugs.

04/21/18 Version

  • Added new container effects of Parallel FX Group, Mid-Side Splitter, FX Group.
  • Improved Parametric EQ effect.
  • Added Mix parameter for Compressor and Limiter effects.
  • Improved display of level meters.
  • Improved display of curves in Frequency Analysis panel.
  • Fixed some bugs.

03/25/18 Version

  • Modified behavior of managing VST modules to improve performance and avoid crashing with some VST plug-ins.

03/24/18 Version

  • Use different colors for master track and bus track.
  • Supported dragging multiple effects to copy, move and reorder in FX rack.
  • Added options to export tracks through the master chain.
  • Added options for filenames when exporting tracks.
  • Added color indicator for curves in Loudness Meter panel.
  • Added default shortcuts for Export commands.

03/16/18 Version

  • Added Loudness Meter panel.
  • Added Export command for audio file editor.
  • Supported multiple selections in FX rack.
  • Supported Alt + Click to remove effect in FX rack.
  • Added a command to switch between Editor and Mixer panel.
  • Fixed some bugs.

03/04/18 Version

  • Accept comma as decimal for some non-US keyboard.
  • Added support for exporting tracks to separate files.
  • Added two commands for track solo.
  • Added an option to solo track automatically.
  • Added support for duplicating selected effect in FX rack.
  • Added 12 dB range option for level meters.
  • Fixed some bugs.

02/28/18 Version

  • Added support for saving audio files in AAC encoding (Available on Windows 7 and higher).
  • Optimized operation of Solo tracks (Ctrl + Solo to change the default behavior, Alt + Solo to clear all solo).
  • Fixed some bugs.

02/15/18 Version

  • Fixed a bug that cause crash with some ASIO devices.

02/11/18 Version

  • Fixed a bug that may cause crash when deleting an audio track.

02/10/18 Version

  • Fixed a bug that causes crashing with some VST3 plugins.
  • Saving plugin list when scanning VST plug-ins to get better with crashing in VST plugins.

02/04/18 Version

  • Add commands to align clips in multitrack projects.
  • Add an option for clip placement when inserting multiple clips.

02/02/18 Version

  • Fix bugs when recording in multitrack project.

01/25/18 Version

  • Support automatic compensation of audio effect latency.
  • Add option to loop at end of track content.
  • Fix bugs.

01/09/18 Version

  • Fix a bug that may cause crash with ASIO devices.
  • Fix some typo error.

01/08/18 Version

  • Add interpolation tool.

12/01/17 Version

  • Optimization for high definition display.
  • New 64 bit version.
  • Fix bugs.

10/01/17 Version

  • Add frequency analysis panel.
  • Add phase analysis panel.
  • Add phase meter panel.
  • Fix bugs.

08/24/17 Version

  • Support scanning only new VST plug-ins or re-scanning all VST plug-ins in VST plug-ins manager dialog.
  • Fix a bug that cause crash when loading some VST3 plug-ins.
  • Fix some bugs of user interface.

08/11/17 Version

  • Optimize loading audio files.
  • Fix bugs.

08/02/17 Version

  • Fix a bug that cause crash when saving ID3 tag.
  • Modify some string resources.

07/16/17 Version

  • Support adjusting selection according to zero crossing.
  • Fix bugs.