Professional Audio Editor for Seamless Audio Production Workflow

Waveform and Spectral Editing

Multitrack Recording and Mixing

Burning Audio Tracks to CD

Batch Processing Audio Files

VST3 Effect Plugins Support

ASIO and WASAPI Devices Support

Automating Audio Effect Parameters

Editing Metadata across Fromats

Intuitive and Flexible Workspaces

High DPI Display Support

Soundop is a Windows-based digital audio workstation (DAW) with extensive sound editing and mixing capabilities. It seamlessly works with the vast majority of VST/VST3 plugins and has an integrated set of basic processing tools, including parametric EQ, compression, limiting, delay, echo, reverb, and more. Soundop allows you to view, record, edit, and manipulate audio in multiple ways, including customizable waveform, spectral and multitrack views. Over a dozen sound file formats are supported, such as .wav, .aif/.aiff, .mp3, FLAC, .ogg, and .wma. Soundop is perfect for music production, voice-over recording and editing, multimedia production, and forensic audio applications. Far from a bare-bones audio editor, Soundop’s sophistication rivals many of today’s high-level DAWs and specialty audio editing systems.

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