Soundop Audio Editor

Intuitive, Efficient and Professional Tool for Sound Editing

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Soundop Audio Editor

Soundop is a comprehensive audio editor for audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering. It has standalone user interfaces specifically designed for audio file editing and multi-track mixing that working seamlessly in one application. When an audio file is changed in editing window, you can preview its impact on mix result in multi-track window immediately without saving the audio file.

Soundop has a small package size due to its optimized design and coding. Downloading, installing and loading the application are all quick. With its extensive feature set, intuitive workspace and reliable performance, Soundop will be the ideal tool for your creative audio production.

Key Features

Audio File Editing

Copy, cut, paste and crop spectrum as well as time selection of audio.

Restore audio with noise reduction. Also amplify, normalize, time stretch and pitch shift selected audio and more.

Add real-time effects to effects rack, adjust effect parameters and preview the result on playback before applying the effects chain to audio selection.

Multitrack Recording and Mixing

Add unlimited number of audio and bus tracks.

Create cross-fading between audio clips by simply overlap adjacent clips.

Time stretch and pitch shift audio clips in real-time.

Record from multiple input devices to different audio tracks.

Support side-chain of VST effects.

Audio Effects

Support VST and VST3 effects, and VST3 effects are supported with sample precision.

Built-in effects including EQ, compressor, limiter, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, echo, and more.

Add multiple automation lanes and add multiple envelops to each lane for both tracks and audio clips.

Reading, edit and record automation envelop for track and audio clip.

Drag and drop to add  effects or effects chains to tracks, clips and audio files.

Audio Formats

Support ASIO devices for low latency recording.

Record audio up to 24 bit precision and 192 kHz.

Load audio data from most audio and video formats.

Save audio to MP2, MP3, WAV, WAV64, AIFF, AU, OGG, FLAC, APE, WMA and raw PCM files.

Edit ID3 tag, RIFF, AIFF and other metadata for all supported formats.

Edit ACID loop information for music loops.

Please check Version History of Soundop to see recent changes of Soundop Audio Editor.