Some suggestions for the next updates.
(06-08-2022, 08:17 AM)slynrobbie Wrote: I second the request for automation of editing actions and saving them to the batch processor. For example I have created a custom normalization level, but in the batch processor I can only select options of -0.1 db or -3 db. I would like to use my custom normalization instead. Also I would like to do more than one operation in a single batch. Recording an editing session and then saving it to a batch processor would do the trick.

Also, please allow me to rename the batch processor to something that describes the action (e.g., "Normalization") rather than "Batch Processor 1".

Finally, I would love to add the option of loading a folder in addition to loading individual files to the batch processor so that I can output (to a different location of course) the same folder which contains all the modified files.


We have released a new version that supports renaming a batch processor and adding a folder to a batch processor. Please check it out.



Best regards.

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