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Full Version: Soundop 1.2 released
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Changes in 1.2:
  • Add metadata pane, enhance metadata support for audio files.
  • fix bugs.
In the new metadata pane, user could show metadata tabs according to destination audio format, so it is easy to see which metadata will be saved in native format, and all metadata will saved in SMX data which will either embed in audio file when applicable or as a standalone smx file. An option is provided in metadata preference page to save only native metadata to ignore SMX data.
The feature of embed ID3 data in Wave/AIFF file could be switched on/off in metadata preference page.
The cue points will be saved in native format in Wave/AIFF file now, and if the option of save only native metadata is switched off, cue points will be saved in SMX data also, so the cue points will not lost when switch between audio formats.

Suggestions for metadata are welcome to enhance metadata support further.